The Band


Lemmy AKA BennyBenny Kilhamster:

The Loudest M*********r on the planet and the main driving force behind Stone Deaf Forever, Benny is a hard drinking, hard playing – hard man.
‘Built for speed’ – Benny is built for anything!





‘Fat Eddie’ Campbell:
Fat Eddie has been on a diet recently so is thinking of changing his name , a demon with the girls & a beast on the guitar. Many have tried to keep up with Fat Eddie…all have failed! The speed of his solos can only be measured in the speed of his women!



Philthy Dee:
Filthly Philthy, when he’s not beating the drums he’s beating them off with a stick, the ‘bastard’ child of Mikkey Dee & Philthy¬†’Animal’ Taylor. Who knows what goes on in that sick mind!

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